Helping Companies Find Their Way

Helping Companies Find Their Way

Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

Labyrinth Management Group is Finalist for "Entrepreneur of the Year" by the Medina County Economic Development Corporation (MCDC)


Medina, Ohio, September 25, 2006: The Medina County Economic Development Corporation (MCDC) has selected Labyrinth Management Group (LMG) as a finalist for "Entrepreneur of the Year." The primary focus of this award is to honor businesses that have achieved significant results in terms of innovation; capital investment; long term commitment to sound business practices; sustainability; and community involvement. Since 2001, the company has grown almost 500% by using an innovative business model and strategic approach to overcome contracting barriers typically present for small consulting companies seeking work with middle market and Fortune 500 industrial companies.

Labyrinth Management Group is a Strategic Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) consulting firm dedicated to providing businesses with strategic advice and cost-effective solutions that manage EHS risks, enhance shareholder value, and provide a competitive advantage.

Additional information on LMG's services can be found at

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