Helping Companies Find Their Way

Helping Companies Find Their Way

Strategic EHS Consulting

EHS Strategy

In today's economy, every company should look to leverage or improve their environmental, health and safety (EHS) aspects for competitive advantages. Strategic EHS Management is a unifying approach to business operations that seeks to integrate EHS Objectives and Aspects at a company or individual facility into the overall organizational goal of improving the cost-efficiency and effectiveness to gain competitive advantage.

Our experience, specialized training, and industry knowledge allow LMG to provide this proactive approach to planning in each and every project we undertake. Some companies also need or can benefit tremendously from various strategic EHS projects. 

Our EHS Strategy services include:

EHS Business Integration
Policy & Goal Development
Integration Strategies
Performance metrics development
Internal & External ISO 14000 GAP analyses

ISO 14000 systems development


Green Growth Strategies
Competitive impact of EHS regulations
Identification of EHS business drivers
Smart permitting and site evaluations
New process regulatory impact analysis
EHS Financial Risk Analysis and Management
Process hazard analysis
Project cost-benefit analysis
Liability costing and control planning
Asset risk management strategies

Facility management and decommissioning


Sustainable Business Practices
Development of vision and structure
Identifcation of EHS competencies
Product stewardship evaluations












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